Startup bengal

About Us

Startup Bengal is an initiative by the Government of West Bengal, that aims towards helping small business enterprises and emerging entrepreneurs make a mark in the world of business. : The website intends to provide practical knowledge and expertise to the emerging entrepreneurs. It covers different areas of entrepreneurship module-wise.

Funding and Investment – The portal connects entrepreneurs and investors by matching their interest based on the project proposals. Online communication facilities like email, chat, VC, etc., help in further interaction and enquiry.

Credit Assessment – The proposals submitted by the entrepreneurs are evaluated based on financial parameters. The profiles of the eligible entrepreneurs are forwarded to the banks for lending thereafter.

MSME Equity Fund Digital Gateway – The portal offers digital gateway for application and transparent identification of eligible proposals.

Mentoring and Professional Support - The portal offers platform for connecting an entrepreneurs and Professional Experts / Bankers/ Professional Institutions/ Consultants/ Industry Leaders for providing mentoring and professional support to guide the entrepreneur to next level of business and make the project investment ready or guide for expansion. : The website offers guidance to emerging entrepreneurs, providing them with relevant information on incentives, compliances and many more.

Acts and Rules – The various acts and rules applicable for MSMEs are not always available at one place. The site launched by the Government lays down the precise requirements for setting up an enterprise in the state.

Government Incentives – The site offers a quick look at the fiscal and non-fiscal incentives available to MSMEs.

Statutory Compliances – The website makes the aspiring entrepreneurs aware about the compliance requirement for starting a business.

Incentives – A check-list of entitlements help a business person understand as to what they can claim from the Government in the form of incentives.

Location of My Government Office – The location of the government offices that offer useful services to the MSME sector at the various levels are all listed in the website.

Single Application Gateway (SAG) – It is a virtual single point, which receives all applications of the entrepreneurs for both entitlements to compliances as well as Government incentives.

Online Entrepreneur’s Memorandum – The filing of Entrepreneur’s Memorandum I and II has now gone online making it easier for the entrepreneurs. The facility is available at and