Startup bengal

About Acceleration Centres

State Startup Resource Hub at Kolkata and 23 Startup Accelerator in districts are launched in line with the state government’s continued commitment to develop Startup ecosystem in the State. The Accelerators are networked with the State Hub through Video Conferencing facilities. Live capacity building mentoring sessions delivered by eminent professionals, academicians and industry experts are telecast on regular basis. Aspiring entrepreneurs, irrespective of which distant location they are residing, can connect and participate in the live sessions from the district Accelerator.

Role of State Startup Resource Hub

Provide access to knowledge to district Accelerator
Telecast live capacity building sessions
Networking mentors and experts
Networking kick-starter fund supporters
Coordination with Technical Business Incubators

Role of district Startup Accelerator

Encourage and promote Startup culture
Conduct entrepreneurship development programmes
Create enabler mechanism for fast track statutory/ legal support
Provide guidance to aspiring entrepreneurs on the various processes of startups - Digital platform for comprehensive services to Startups

Registration for single point identification
Free online project assessment through MSME Finance Portal
Provide potential investors access to cherry pick project proposals of interest
Digital application gateway to MSME Venture Capital Fund
Resource base of mentors and professional experts
Network of 1ecognized angel & venture capital funds and kick-starter fund supporters
Technology support through Technology Facilitation Centre
Statutory support through and single application gateway (SAG)
Network of Accelerator in districts for tutorials on various leaning modules on Startup
Promoting entrepreneurship through Egiye Bangla TV reality show on business idea contest